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Previous exchange experiences

Wiseman, McGill University

Most time was spent ironing out experimental details- i.e. unsuccessful conjugation of quantum dots to glass slides using printing techniques in the Juncker lab characterised using AFM. However AFM training was excellent, and I can successfully use the instrument independently, which adds to my skillset.

Wiseman, McGill University

This research exchange has been extremely instructive. Research in Dr. SAKO’s laboratory is diverse and my discussions with the group members during my exchange has taught me about the complexity of some unresolved problems in molecular cell biology. The systematic and methodological approach employed by members of Dr. SAKO’s laboratory to live-cell experiments has made a deep impression on me; this exposure has set a standard of excellence to which I wish to strive for in my own experiments.

Marcotte, Université du Québec à Montréal

In 6 months, it was possible to have order of mg of hERG! This internship in an English country helped me to improve my English and was crucial for my future

English, Concordia University

1) A very useful opportunity to learn new techniques to measure lifetimes and anisotropies and to obtain more information about conformation of protein.
2) Very valuable experience working with another group in a different laboratory.
3) Because of this lab-exchange experience, I think I can work without stress in different labs.

Janane-150x150 JANANE RAHBANI
Sleiman, McGill University

It was a great experience to work with a Nobel laureate. I am confident that I will use the skills and experience that I acquired under Pr. Lehn’s supervision in my current

bio_Paquet-Cote-e1342543314912 PIERRE-ALEXANDRE PAQUET-CÔTÉ
Voyer, Université LavalThis great experience allowed me to learn new techniques and to use unique instruments. It got me out of my comfort
zone and taught me to adapt to this new environment. I really enjoy this exchange program and recommend it.