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Students_WithNevilleThis page describes the Undergraduate and Graduate CTPB Awards, how to apply, and includes a Q&A section. Click on the hyperlinks below to jump to the appropriate part of the page.



Undergraduate CTPB Awards will be available each summer, starting for the summer of 2012. Applications must be submitted no later than  February 25th, 2016 and recipients will be announced approximately 6 weeks later.

To be eligible, undergraduate students must have completed at least one year (two semesters) of undergraduate studies. There are no citizenship requirements. Applicants must be registered in a recognized undergraduate program at the time of applying.

All undergraduate summer awards funded by the CTPB must be used in one of the participating CTPB laboratories.

Awards are worth $4,500 for a 16-week work period, to be performed between May 1st, 2016 and August 31st, 2016. Supervisors are required to supplement this by at least $1,125.

Generally, students may not hold an undergraduate summer CTPB Award and another summer research award; however, recipients of other Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs), such as NSERC or FRSQ, may use CTPB funding to cover the “supervisor’s portion” of other USRAs. The remainder of the CTPB funding may not be kept.

The undergraduate summer application form for CTPB Awards consists of two parts. Students are responsible for completing Part A on their own, while they should complete Part B in consultation with their potential supervisor. In addition to these two parts, students must include an electronic version of their most recent transcript of all university studies. Successful applicants must provide original official transcripts for award finalization.

All applications should be sent to the CTPB Coordinator.



Each year, approximately six Graduate Awards will be available. Applications must be submitted no later than February 25th, 2016 and recipients will be announced approximately 8 weeks later.

Both Master’s and Doctoral students may apply. To be eligible, Master’s students must have completed no more than 6 months of graduate studies at the time of application, and must be registered to start graduate studies no later than September 30th, 2016. PhD students who are applying may not have completed more than 24 months of graduate studies in a Doctoral program at the time of application, and must be registered to start in a Doctoral program no later than September 30th, 2016. There are no citizenship-based eligibility restrictions.

All graduate students funded by the CTPB must be associated with a CTPB laboratory.

Awards are for $20,000 per year for a maximum of two years. Award holders must be registered students in good standing in the appropriate (Master’s or Doctoral) program. No other provincial or federal funding may be held at the same time as a graduate-level CTPB award. Recipients are eligible for up to $2,500 to attend a national or international conference.

Recipients of graduate-level CTPB Awards have several obligations. All recipients must take at least one course from a list of CTPB-approved courses and attend three CTPB-approved student research conferences during the tenure of the award. Most significantly, recipients of graduate-level CTPB Awards must perform a 3-month exchange in the laboratory of another member of the CTPB group within the first 12 months of holding their award. The laboratory chosen must be in a different department than that of the student’s host laboratory. Travel allowances are available to defer travel and lodging costs for intercity exchanges. Exchanges must be started no later than 9 months after the start of CTPB Graduate Award funding.

To apply, graduates must complete the graduate application form for CTPB Awards in consultation with their supervisor. In addition, students must provide two referee evaluations. Students may have referees mail or e-mail completed Evaluation Forms to the CTPB Coordinator. Finally, students must include an electronic version of all transcripts of university studies. Successful applicants must provide original official transcripts for award finalization.

All documents should be sent to the CTPB Coordinator.




Undergraduate Summer CTPB Application Form
This 2-part form must be completed and submitted to the CTPB Coordinator in order to be considered for an undergraduate summer CTPB Award.

Graduate CTPB Application Form
This form must be completed and submitted to the CTPB Coordinator in order to be considered for a graduate-level CTPB Award.

Graduate CTPB Evaluation Form
This form must be completed by referees who can critically evaluate and comment on the performance of applicants for graduate-level CTPB Awards.



Have a question? Check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” below! Is your question not here? Send us an e-mail at bionano.med@mcgill.ca and we will answer you as soon as possible!

Who is responsible for the CTPB?

A group of investigators, from several institutions across Canada. These researchers developed and manage the CTPB. They are: Albert Berghuis, Gonzalo Cosa, Mirek Cygler, Kalle Gehring, Stephen Michnick, René Roy, Hanadi Sleiman, Peter Tieleman, Normand Voyer, Christopher Wilds and Paul Wiseman. The contact information for each is available on the Researchers page.


Where can I perform my graduate studies while funded by a CTPB Award? Are there restrictions on where I perform my exchange?

Research projects must be conducted in one of the research groups listed on the Researchers page. The same is true regarding graduate exchange projects – students must work in another laboratory from the list on the Researchers page, but it must be in a different department than their own laboratory.


How are recipients of the CTPB Awards selected?

A selection committee rigorously evaluates each award application and selects the best applicants from those submitted, based on criteria of academics, research contribution, and communication, interpersonal and leadership abilities.


Do Master’s and Doctoral students compete in the same competition?

Yes, there is only one level of CTPB Graduate Award. A different weighting of academics and research contributions will be used to better compare Master’s and Doctoral applicants.


Are there eligibility restrictions based on my citizenship?

No. CTPB Awards are open for all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their citizenship status.


What portion of the awards are paid by my supervisor?

Undergraduate awards are worth $5,625 for 16 weeks. Of this, the CTPB pays $4,500 and your supervisor is responsible for $1,125. For Graduate awards of $20,000 each year for two years, $17,500 comes from the CTPB and $2,500 from your supervisor.


I wish to apply for a CTPB Award, but am also applying for other sources of funding. Am I allowed to hold a CTPB Award along with another award?

When holding multiple awards, it is important to verify the restrictions of both awards, since many external and internal funding sources have restrictions. Undergraduates may not hold awards other than the CTPB, but can use a CTPB grant to cover the supervisor’s supplement to certain other summer undergraduate awards. Graduates may not hold funding from other federal or provincial funding agencies, but may be further supported by internal or external awards when applicable.


Can my award be suspended if I am required to take a parental leave or medical leave of absence?

Provided that sufficient documentation can support your leave, CTPB Awards can be suspended for a limited period. Please contact the CTPB Coordinator to further discuss your specific case.


If I travel out of my current city of residence for my exchange on a graduate-level CTPB Award, is any funding available to help cover the travel costs?

A certain amount is available for graduate students leaving their current city (Montreal, Québec City, Saskatoon or Calgary) in order to perform their exchange project in another one of these cities. A set amount is available per person based on estimated travel and lodging costs. CTBP Graduate Award recipients who are performing exchanges involving travel will receive this additional amount as a supplement in addition to their regular stipend, but are required for making the necessary travel arrangements.


I am a graduate student in a lab other than those listed on the Researchers page. Am I eligible for the CTPB?

Unfortunately, at this time, CTPB Awards require students to be performing their research training in one of the groups listed. If you believe that your studies are closely related to the field of bionanomachines, however, you are welcome to contact us so that in the future, additional research groups may be added to the list of participating groups.


How can I get more information on the CTPB?

Please visit our Contact Us link in order to get in touch with the CTPB Director and/or Coordinator.


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